Mickey and Minnie's Universe

Mickey and Minnie's Universe


Right now on www.friv-games-today.com we are very happy that we are coming back to the Mickey Mouse Games category on our website, where right now we are very happy to be bringing you all the game called Mickey and Minnie's Universe, which is one of the most recent games with these wonderful Disney characters to be made available, where you are going to go on an amazing adventure all over the world, like you will never forget, for sure. There is a whole wide world out there to explore, and luckily for you, these characters want to do that with you. We are now going to see how the game works, after which we invite you to start playing it immediately! First select a zone, and a level of difficulty between easy and tricky. Well, there are all sorts of things that you will do. For example, in one of the zones, Mickey and Minnie will be able to play the roles of firemen, so you are going to control the firetruck, which you have to drive in order to avoid obstacles, advance through the level

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