FNF Corruption Demo

FNF Corruption Demo


Malicious bacteria didn't get past the game FNF Infestation. The heroes of the rhythm arcade were struck by a virus, it absorbed their appearance and turned their favorite characters into toothy monsters. But such a mishap can in no way affect the winnings. The boyfriend must make an incredible effort to wrest victory to become a worthy groom. In the first composition, the opponent will be a huge hare, songs he sings at breakneck speed. Do not find yourself in the losers and pick up all the notes of the tune. In the second stage of the battle an advanced rapper appears, whose works have made a furor at the corresponding event. Rounding out the battle will be the familiar couple Pamp and Skid. All the hits are fast, and the contestants have prepared thoroughly. Will you be able to withstand an uneven fight?

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