Frenzy Kitchen

Frenzy Kitchen


Frenzy Kitchen is one of the newest Mickey Mouse Games we are delighted to have had the chance of offering you all today on our website, since we know that this is one of the most beloved Disney characters in the entire world, so the more games that are set into his universe, the better for everyone, since we are sure that players world-wide are not going to miss the chance of playing a game such as this one. Exactly because of that, let us now explain how the game works, so that you can start it immediately, and have lots and lots of fun! You have to use quick reflexes and memory skills in order to deliver the order food to the customers. The carrousel at the top is showing you which meal you have to cook for each client, so remember the orders well. You then have to pick up the correct ingredients for each dish, and then ultimately serve the food, and try to do it as fast as possible, so that your customers are going to be happy, and tip you properly. Start playing this terrific game

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