FNF VS Whitty

FNF VS Whitty


The Whitty Freiday Knight Funkin game is perhaps one of the most dangerous contrivances. Daddie Direst, who is the father of our hero's Girlfriend, makes up incredible challenges and invites the most talented musicians for a musical battle. After battles with mods like Pampa and Skida, who have riddled Boyfriend's confidence, a man with a bomb instead of a head takes the stage. One wrong note and karaoke is blown to smithereens. But who can beat a character with blue hair, passionately in love with a princess? The kamikaze's odds tend towards zero. But the final round will decide everything. Don't get too excited. Stretch out your fingers and get to the action. Press the arrows with cosmic speed and surrender to the power of music and rhythm. Just three steps will determine the outcome of events, just three songs will make it clear: you're on the horse or on the other side of life. Do not miss the chance and take up the cause immediately. The Clown and the Demon Lemon are on their way.

How to Play

Tap To Play.

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